Developing Potential Leaders

This 3-module training course focuses on providing insights and practical introduction on key competences required to move and develop into a leadership role. Participants will learn about the key responsibilities of leadership and management and identify the aspects that they need to develop. Practical exercises will develop the interpersonal skills needed to communicate supportively, provide feedback and guidance. Participants will work through exercises to understand the importance of building teamwork and learn how to foster the continuous improvement of a working team.

Participants who complete the course will be able to

  • explore the necessary competences for a leadership role and assess their readiness for advancing into such a role
  • be able to consciously prepare for the basic requirements of leading and managing people
  • practice leadership skills in various work situations – in a safe environment – and receive constructive feedback they can build upon

Course format

All courses are suitable for both in person and online delivery

Course length

1.5-day course (9 hours)