Assertive Communication and Leadership

Assertive communicators can express their opinions and requests clearly so that they are understood by others. This exercise-oriented course improves participants’ communication skills by demonstrating language structures, voice tone and body language to strike the right balance between over aggressive and over accommodating communication.

Participants learn techniques to build self-esteem and confidence. Case studies explore how to determine when to say ‘no’ to unreasonable requests. Participants also get individual feedback to develop their persuasion skills.

During the second day we examine participants’ own challenging cases and further explore effective meta-communication techniques via roleplay and skill

Participants who complete the course will be able to

  • build credibility with their colleagues and clients
  • practice techniques to handle difficult situations and people
  • learn how to communicate in a direct but professional manner
  • understand better their counterpart’s motivation and be able to adapt to it

Course format

Pre-training questionnaire
All courses are suitable for both classroom and virtual delivery

Course length

1-day or 2-day course options